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The student loan is aiding the majority of students to complete their education without any worries. This loan is the biggest initiative in diverting the attention of many students to study as much as they can and achieve the higher ranks of successes in the life.

The student loan is pursued by both national and international students to improve their qualifications and enter in the world’s best educational institutions in a reasonable cost. Huge numbers of facilities are offered by the reputable banks to the students through the launch of the student loan, but we at SE Investment does the same to help nurture the next generation of scholars.


Now, the students won’t have to abandon their dreams of marvelous achievements and remarkable successes in between their studies because the better alternate of finances is up here to carry on their studies with a relief of mind from issues of money for education. Singapore student loans are usually granted for the higher degrees such as the MBA.


For What Essentials Will Student Loan Pay Off?

The student loan Singapore is the best deal for every student no matter he/she is the citizen or from overseas. This loan can be used to pay the tuition fees, books and of course his/her living cost. So, the student can easily pay attention on the studies for achieving the best grades in his academic life. Student loans are here to improve the education system by developing the eagerness of studying in the students minds, up to the optimum level of education such as the PhD or MPhil.

Are The Interest Rates Affordable?

The quality of the education loan is the interest rate is charged low compared to the other loans. Most of the students might be working but may not have enough in their educational journey; especially when they are preparing for other things in life such as a new house or kids. That’s why they do not have sufficient money to spend for education most of the time. Here is where SE Investment steps in to help.


Applying for a Student Loan with Us

To qualify for a student loan in Singapore, here are the eligibility criteria:

  1. Must be a Singapore permanent resident over 21 years of age, or a foreigner with a valid work permit (S Pass)
  2. Photocopy of your NRIC (both sides)
  3. Legal proof of income: Be permanently employed with a CPF contribution history statement for the last 15 months or bank statement, income tax returns, payslips for the last 3 months. For self-employed, you must give a legal proof of income and income tax statements.
  4. Tenancy agreement for foreigners
  5. Not bankrupt
  6. Proof of address (PUB bill or handphone bill)
  • Emergency Loan

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