• 13-Must-have-Snacks-for-an-Awesome-World-Cup-Night


    The World Cup has been a bountiful of drama, endless controversies, shocks, and heated moments.

    An estimated 1 million fans traveled to Russia for the action while billions more have been enjoying the spectacle from homes all across the planet.

    And the followers have been celebrating each goal in style. Songs, chants, and dances have been a daily occurrence. One can also see numerous updates and discussions about the matches on the internet, or on social media platforms.

    One thing’s for sure, a World Cup Night would be incomplete without some snacks to munch on.

    Need some ideas for an awesome night with your friends and families? Here are some top-scoring snacks for that are keeping the buzz going in Russia 2018:


    1. Chicken wings

    Nothing beats an expertly prepared bite of chicken wings. They’re not only easy on taste but it’s also one of the snacks that win favor with almost everyone.

    In Singapore, Chicken wings are readily available at many stores, but for convenience, one can also prepare them using an Airfryer in less than 20 minutes!

    Traditionally, it can be served with some cheese dressing, hot sauces, carrot and celery sticks- all of which makes the snack even more delightful.

    2. Creamy Avocado Dip

    Plenty of snacks will satisfy cravings but many will also add more saturated fat, cholesterol, and less essential vitamins, dietary fibers, magnesium, folic acid, potassium, and phytochemicals.

    With so many matches to watch, it might be a challenge not to put on weight! Fear not, you can still enjoy the show with healthy snacks.

    A creamy avocado dip is a stirring choice for vegans and an excellent serving of wholesome vegetables.

    It’s a victorious blend of a ripe avocado, lemon juice, and goat cheese resulting into a creamy, spicy dip that’s mind-blowing alongside raw veggies.

    3. Chips/Pretzels

    Chips and pretzels remain affordable but delicious options for the cheering gang. And for the casual munching lot, they’re solid performers.

    Pretzels come rich with fiber, zinc, iron, and folate. Besides these nutrients, the snacks are low in fat and are a tasty treat.

    They also help carry oxygen seamlessly through the blood with the high levels of iron in pretzels providing temporary storage of oxygen inside muscles, ensuring that fans have enough to match the high-octane activity on the pitch.

    Some fans prefer baked potato chips/tortilla chips since they are lower in calories plus fat compared to fried chips

    4. Carrots and Hummus 

    This is another favorite for vegans at the moment and it’s pretty amazing that it’s this good.

    Carrots originated in Persia-modern day Iran and even if the Iranian team didn’t deliver scintillating performances, the carrot has.

    Thanks to its high fiber content, the combo of carrots and hummus leave spectators feeling incredibly full and happy- even when their teams are going through a nervy penalty shootout.

    Sure, some say it takes a while to get used to but once they get going, it’s hard to leave it out of a game.

    5. Red Wine

    Some of the ‘soccer-listic’ bites have lots of flavors, and will need to be accompanied with a cool drink to reduce the stress on the taste buds.

    The Italians discovered that red wine goes well with some of the delicacies eons ago.

    Chips can pair nicely with zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon, or Chianti.

    Even Jamie Vardy, that tall speedy striker who’s hunting goals for England at the World Cup has admitted to drinking half a bottle of red wine the night before a match, believing it’s good for his goal-scoring prowess.

    Combined with a sandwich or even a Pizza, red wine makes the game day merrier.

    6. Michelada

    Because of the high stakes, some games are naturally hot-tempered with players on each other’s throat from the first whistle.

    Opposing supporters are not left behind with tantrums being thrown either way depending with who is winning.

    On such nights, a chilly Michelada could serve to cool tempers and restore the fun that World Cup games ought to be.

    It’s a light Mexican beer that’s full of exciting ingredients such as Tabasco, lime, sauce, and more.

    The bubbles and citrous help ease the tension and it’s super refreshing. Plus, it hardly has hangovers.

    7. Nuts

    Healthy snacks such as cashews, peanuts, roasted almonds, pistachios and more!

    These are fantastic snacks to munch on while watching your favourite teams play.

    For example, Pistachios are known to greatly reduce your risk of strokes and heart attacks. This is definitely one of the better snack choices and not only does it satisfy your cravings, it brings along health benefits as well!

    8. Yoghurt with your favourite fruits

    This is the chance for you to customize and personalize your snack.

    Simply grab a tub of yoghurt from the nearest supermarket and add in your favourite fruits! If you are making the snack for a group of friends, choose at least four types of fruits and make a mini dessert buffet.

    This is definitely a tasty and healthy dessert to enjoy while watching the matches!

    9. Cup Noodles

    Slurping a huge bowl of noodles while watching the World Cup from the comfort of your home.

    Cup noodles are one of the most convenient and popular comfort food around. With numerous choices available, one can choose the most tasty noodles to the spiciest to the most exotic flavours.

    If you want to crank up the heat of the match even more, try eating the famous Samyang Korean Spicy Noodle while watching them play!

    10. Ice Gem Biscuits

    Waves of nostalgia hit us whenever we see this colourful biscuits from our childhood.

    Coupled with a warm cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee, one might start snacking on it and finish the entire box unknowingly!

    11. Ice cream

    “Did I just eat the whole tub?”

    This happens all the time when we eat this dessert which often leaves us feeling guilty thinking about all the extra weight gained.

    However, the World Cup night would be incomplete without ice cream. There is always space for desserts and besides, this event only happens once every four years.

    12. Pizza

    With all the new food delivery services in Singapore, getting pizzas delivered right to your doorstep is much faster and much more convenient than before.

    Based on the numerous pizza stores in the city, there are plenty of toppings and crusts for you to choose from.

    If time allows, you can even make your own homemade pizza before the match! Imagine making the food with your friends while discussing about the upcoming matches and players!

    13. Goreng Pisang

    Fried banana fritters! This snack originated from Indonesia and this is one of the most popular snacks in Singapore.

    One can never have enough of these snacks and they are so addictive that it is hard to put them down. This snack is available almost everywhere in Singapore.


    Wrap up

    The 2018 World Cup has so far been full of brilliant entertainment, breathtaking thrills, and unbelievable moments.

    Fans have kept up with the party atmosphere by choosing and enjoying a plethora of luscious snacks from different parts of the globe as the riveting action hits top gear.

    From chicken wings, red wine, chips and all the way to different ice cream flavours, enthusiasts have been having the moment of their lives cheering up the superstars.

    And considering how sweet some of these snacks are, and the joy of winning a match at the World Cup, one can bet that the World Cup nights will continue to be appetizing times.

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