SE Investment - Foreigner Loan in Singapore

Living in a foreign country can be tough. It can get even tougher when you need some extra financial help. Accessing a loan from traditional financial institutions can be a nightmare.


Applying for a Foreigner Loan in Singapore

SE Investment – Foreigner Loan in Singapore

Singapore is the top few choices for expats. With Singapore’s growing economy and safe business environment, more and more foreigners choose to move to the Lion City in search for a better life. In the long run, they may choose to purchase properties, assets or engage in investments. In certain cases, they may require emergency funds.

However, what most foreigners face in Singapore is Red Tape. The first organization that comes to mind when applying for loans are Banks. In order to attain a bank loan, foreigners have to undergo tedious and long application processes that can take up to several months. Not only that, there is also a high  chance that they may be unsuccessful mainly because of their lack of collaterals.

We understand how tiring and tough it can be to live in a foreign country. We know that you want a fast, hassle-free and trustworthy source of money to support your needs. Banks are not your only option. Most people are unaware of licensed and legal moneylenders in Singapore. SE Investment provides reliable and tailored Foreigner Loans and we provide various packages to suit the needs of foreigners in Singapore. We are legal and licensed moneylenders in Singapore for foreigners. You don’t have to wait for months to access a simple loan. Get the money you need when you need it.


I am a foreigner working in Singapore and I am interested in getting a loan. How do I know which moneylender is right for me?

With all the news about loan sharks, most people have the common misinterpretation that moneylenders are bad and unpleasant organizations. It is definitely not so! There are licensed and legal moneylenders in Singapore, approved by the Ministry of Law in Singapore that aim to provide more options to people who are looking for loans. A list of approved moneylenders can be found on the website for the Ministry of Law.

When choosing your moneylender, make sure that they offer sincere and helpful financial plans. They should be transparent about their terms and conditions and tailor a loan package that best suit your needs. They should make an assessment of your current financial situation and recommend a plan that actually makes your lives better. Beware of certain companies that may instigate you to borrow a larger sum that you cannot afford just to earn more from the interest collected. Choose the company that has your best interests at heart. You can find out more about the rules and regulations for moneylenders in Singapore here.


Foreigner Loans and Why SE Investment might just be the right choice for you

Foreigners may face certain challenges when integrating into the Singapore culture and in some cases, they will have to deal with financial problems as well. Rather than approaching a bank to solve your financial issues which may be a long and unfruitful journey, or borrow money from friends or relatives which carries the risk of ruining relationships, we are here to help. Instead of stressing yourself out for your finances, SE Investment, a licensed moneylender in Singapore is here to take that extra load off your shoulders which will allow you to focus on your work and career!


Here are some features of our Foreigner Loan:


Access cash when you need it

With SE Investment, you do not have to undergo any long or tiring processes to obtain your cash. Our loan application process is fast and efficient. We ensure that you can get the money on the spot when you are able to provide the documents required and have the loan agreement signed at our office. Without long waiting hours and processing time, we are able to complete the entire loan process within 30 minutes. We are especially useful when you need money for an emergency.

Unsecured loans

Some moneylenders in Singapore only offer secured loans where they require borrowers to pledge assets as collateral for their loans. We understand that many foreigners do not have properties in Singapore. Hence, SE Investment offers unsecured loans with attractive interest rates. With unsecured loans, you can obtain a foreigner loan even if you don’t have to be a property in Singapore.

Flexible repayment plans

We provide flexible repayment plans for all our foreigner loans. Truly understanding what our customers need is our priority. Feel free to talk to our loan officers and let us know any special requirements you may have. We are always willing to help and we will do our best to ensure that our clients are able to repay their loans comfortably.

Simple process

Our application process is fast, simple and hassle-free. We understand that sometimes you may need your loan urgently, so we have decided to make use of online platforms to quicken the application process. Simply fill in the form on our website and submit it. Our loan officers will then give you a call back to make an appointment with you at our office. You just need to make your way down to our office at a convenient time to complete the application.


How do I know if I am eligible for a foreigner loan?

In general, we require that you:

1. Are working and living in Singapore
2. Have a valid Singapore visa and work permit

You also need to submit various documents to access your loan. These include:

1. Valid work permit
2. Letter of employment
3. Passport
4. Proof of your salary
5. Bank statements and many other documents depending on your circumstances

Please feel free to contact our friendly officers before applying for a loan so that they can better understand your needs and provide advice for your loan. They will guide you in ensuring that you have all the necessities needed for a loan which will in turn speed up the loan process. Do not worry as there are no obligations should the loan package offer be unsatisfactory. Remember, we are here to help your financial needs and we aim to help you live an even more fulfilling life in Singapore.

SE Investment Foreigner Loan Singapore

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