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    Instagram, Facebook, social media posts and shares.  All around the world, everyone is using social media causing most people to feel the increasing need to look their best. What they can’t fix with makeup, they have opted to fix using camera filters or photoshop. What about the flaws that they cannot fix with the app? What if they want to make the changes permanent and real?

    The answer is plastic surgery.

    We all know that more and more people are turning to plastic surgery. Times have changed and people no longer frown upon plastic surgeries. Instead of saying “aiyo you see she did plastic surgery one!”, some people will answer with “eh nice leh! Where you do one ah? Can share?” Over time, Singaporeans have joined the cosmetic surgery trend and are having their looks tweaked to ensure that they look absolutely lovely and gorgeous.

    The challenge for most people is the cost. However, this has been anticipated and resolved by those who provide plastic surgery loans in Singapore. While some people may have considered taking plastic surgery, which are the more common forms and procedures?


    Here are six of the most frequently requested plastic surgeries what they cost on average.

    1. Nose job – Also known as rhinoplasty.

    A nose job is one of the more frequently requested procedures. Usually, people are looking to have their nose reduced in size or made thinner with the bridge of the nose being high. The cost of a good nose job can range between S$4000 to S$5000 if the case is pretty straightforward. If the surgery is more complicated, the figure can go as high as S$17,000.

    Generally, a nose job can be done in one of two ways:

    Closed – This simply means that cuts are made inside one’s nose so that there are no scars on the outside.
    Open – This is usually used with more complex jobs. Usually a tiny incision is made at the nose’s base.

    Recuperation takes around 2 weeks and complete healing takes about a month. Residual swelling can last as long as a year before it subsides completely. Famous local blogger Bong QiuQiu actually underwent rhinoplasty to improve her looks, giving herself a more defined nose tip.


    2. Breast augmentation – Commonly referred to as a boob job.

    This procedure is often sought by ladies looking to fill their chests out. Having small breasts made some women insecure about their looks and suffer from low self-esteem. In other cases, it is also used to lift breasts that have sagged, shape breasts that are misshapen, or even resize breasts that are not even in size. This can be done in two ways:

    Breast implants – Breast implants come in silicone and saline. Silicone implants are more popular because they have a more natural feel.
    Fat transfer – This method consists of two procedures. The first one is the harvesting of fat cells from another part of the body through liposuction, which is then deposited in the breasts to pad them up. Because it is a double procedure, the cost for this type of breast augmentation tends to be higher.

    Recuperation takes two to three days and the costs range between S$15,000 and S$16,000. Should one decide to use a plastic surgeon who has celebrity status, the cost can shoot up to a whopping S$25,000. Plastic surgery loans can help pay some of this amount or all of it, depending on how much money you qualify for. Should you decide to take up a loan to have the best plastic surgery, do remember to get it from a licensed moneylender.


    3. Blepharoplasty – This surgery is often referred to as double eyelid surgery.

    This is actually the number one plastic surgery procedure carried out in Singapore. Double eyelids are considered quite attractive and are highly sought after. Famous Singapore blogger Xiaxue underwent plastic surgery to reshape her eyes and to have them look bigger and more appealing. Having this most coveted eye crease put in place can be done one of two ways:

    No incision – If the person requesting the surgery is under the age of 40, then the method used may not require an incision. Instead, the upper eyelids are stitched, leaving no scars.
    With incision – For older people, or those who are under 40 but prefer this method, the eyelid is cut at the crease line and permanent attachments are put in place to create the double eyelids. The attachments are placed between the deep muscles of the eye and the upper lids. Since this method is surgical, one may also opt to have their eyes enlarged, have their eye shape changed, or even to have eye bags and lose skin around the eyes removed.

    Recovery takes two days to one week, and the cost can range from S$1800 and S$6400 depending on the procedure.


    4. Rhytidectomy – This procedure is often referred to as a facelift.

    As people age, the skin tends to lose elasticity. It is quite visible on the face where lines begin to form and the face sags. The speed at which this happens depends on a combination of skincare routines and genetics. This can be done one of three ways:

    Traditional method – The traditional way of doing it includes the making of an incision that runs from the ear into one’s hairline. The skin is then pulled taut and stitched.
    Endoline ribbon lift – This is a less invasive procedure. The surgeon will only make a small incision at the hairline and insert an endoline ribbon all the way to one’s jowls. This is what lifts the face. However, the endoline ribbon melts away in a year or two, which means that the effects are not permanent. For some people though, the lift can last as many as seven years.
    Fat transfer – This procedure includes fat being taken out of the thighs or tummy and transferred to the face, where it is used to fill it out.

    Recovery takes approximately two weeks, and residual swelling can take about a year to recede. The cost of this procedure ranges between S$9000 and S$12,888, and you can source the said amount from lenders in Singapore who offer plastic surgery loans.


    5. Body contouring and liposuction – Reducing fat in trouble areas

    Science has discovered that fat cells can never be destroyed. Instead, depending on how much fat one is carrying in their body at any given time, they expand or shrink. Liposuction is a procedure that actually sucks fats out of the fat cells. With this procedure, one is able to target their trouble areas such as their bottom, tummy, arms, thigh, and even back.

    Liposuction is not a weight loss method; it is a body contouring method. People who are disciplined with diet and exercise but are struggling with stubborn fat are the ideal candidates for this procedure.

    There are both traditional and new methods of liposuction. Newer methods include VASER, which uses ultrasound to ‘melt’ fats and also tightens one’s skin. The bruising heals in a week or two and depending on where the procedure was done; it can be two days to two weeks before one can get back to their usual routine. Additionally, pressure garments must be worn for 6 weeks.

    On average, the cost can be between S$3000 and S$4000. However, depending on how much work you need done, the cost can even be as low as S$1400 or even as high as S$14,000. It goes without saying that the bigger the area, the higher the cost.


    6. Nose thread lift – An alternative to rhinoplasty.

    Threads made of polydixanone are threaded under the skin, running from the tip of one’s nose and up along the bridge. The threads become a structure that is used to shape the nose. It is a shorter procedure and one can recover in a little bit over a week. The procedure tends to cost between S$2000 and S$3000. Unfortunately, this procedure is not permanent since the threads tend to dissolve in six to eight months. They however tend to stimulate collagen production as well as tissue fibroblasts which can keep the nose elevated for an extra 6 months. Generally, one can actually enjoy the effects of this procedure for as many as 18 months.


    There is nothing wrong should one decide to undergo plastic surgery if it helps to improve their self-esteem or even health. Certain people do need surgeries because of serious health issues. However, plastic surgery procedures do not come cheap. If one has decided to go for a life-changing operation, it will be wise to go for the best procedure, with the best surgeons and the best equipment and treatment. If one is unable to save up the said amount, the solution is to apply for a loan with SE Investment. By doing so, they will be able to finance the operations and get the best treatments for themselves. Speak with us today to find out more!


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