Patchy bald spots, gradual thinning on the top of your head, or the sudden loosening of hair are all huge causes of concern.

    Hair loss is a very frightening experience for many Singaporeans, regardless of gender or age. If one begins to experience hair loss, it is important that he or she makes an appointment with a qualified doctor to get the right advice on the treatment for hair loss.

    Each case is unique, and the doctor will be able to advise on the best type of treatment needed. There are some cases where very mild forms of medication will be sufficient to handle the hair loss. However, there are also some cases where the mild treatment is not effective and more advanced methods are required.

    Basic Hair Loss Treatments 

    Treatment for hair loss varies according to its cause. During situations where hair loss is caused by an inactive thyroid and does not prove so serious, all you need is topical and oral treatments to improve the condition. These include applying some topical medication on the baldness or by swallowing some oral medicine.

    Examples of such medication include:

    • Rogaine: A form of medication suited for mild cases of hair loss. There are also other types of medication for hair loss that can be taken orally. Minoxidil is the active ingredient and this medication proves effective for both men and women who may be suffering from mild to moderate hair loss.
    • Propecia: It is taken orally and it’s effective for both mild and average cases of baldness. This particular medication is more suitable for hair loss in men. This is because it addresses male patterned baldness and has finasteride as the active ingredient.
    • Aldactone: It is important to note that this form of medication is not FDA approved yet. That said, it is also used to treat male patterned baldness with spironolactone as its active ingredient.

    Advanced Hair Loss Treatments And Its Cost

    Many oral and topical methods of hair loss treatment may not work for those who have more extreme cases of hair loss. Those with more severe hair loss may need more effective methods of treatment. Some of these other advanced methods are also described here.

    1. Follicular Unit Extraction

    This is a hair loss treatment that is more suitable for extreme cases of hair loss and it is fairly popular in Singapore. During the procedure, the doctor removes some hair from certain places on the head where it is in plenty. He or she then plants it onto the bald places of the head. The advantage of this type of treatment is that it leaves no scarring. The only sign that remains to show that the hair was removed are some minor holes in the scalp. The transplanted hair fills in the bald patches and the patient is able to have a full head of hair. The cost of this treatment is approximately $4,500.

    2. Follicular Unit Transfer

    This treatment is different from Follicular unit extraction. Follicular unit transfer is a process where the doctor will carefully remove skin from a part of the head that has hair. He or she will then put this skin onto the bald areas using grafting. The main disadvantage of this method when compared to follicular unit extraction is that it leaves some scarring. However, patients who have long hair are at advantage because the hair length helps to cover all the scars. The cost of this particular treatment is approximately $7,500.

    3. ARTAS

    This is another method of hair loss treatment. In this particular treatment process, some hair is removed mechanically from parts of the head where it is well grown. It is then placed into the sections on the head that are bald. The main advantage of this method is that it does not leave any scars at all. The patient is able to recover fully and the hair ends up looking very natural. There are also no holes left as is the case with follicular unit extraction. However, one major drawback is that it is very costly. This procedure will cost $11,500 on average.

    4. Platelet-Rich Plasma

    This is yet another method of treatment for hair loss. It is different from some of the other types of treatment mentioned because it does not involve surgery. In this method, hair growth is promoted by putting blood platelets into the area that has no hair. This causes the hair to grow because of the extra platelets. With the platelet-rich plasma method, there is no scarring and there are no holes left behind. The average cost is $ 2,000. However, it should be noted that it is advisable for this method to be used together with another method of hair loss treatment for it to be effective.

    5. NeoGraft

    This method of hair loss treatment is similar to some of the others mentioned here. Hair is removed manually from areas where it is in generous amounts on the head, and then planted on the bald areas. This method works well in most cases, whether one has short hair or long hair. The average cost of this treatment is $ 9,500.

    From the above methods described, it is obvious that hair loss treatment is very costly in Singapore. Most Singaporeans do not have cash saved up specifically for this type treatment. Hair loss is actually an unforeseen condition, and therefore expenses like these are not planned for. The patient will need to source for the funds for the treatment. There are several avenues that one could explore to finance these treatments, and one of them is through loans. The following are some types of hair loss loans available in Singapore.

    Financing Your Hair Loss Treatment With SE Investment For Improved Results

    From the above, we can conclude that hair loss treatments are not exactly considered affordable.

    Hair loss is considered an unforeseen condition, and therefore expenses like these are not planned for. The patient will need to source for the funds for the treatment. More importantly, hair loss can be serious in some cases and require immediate medical attention.

    That said, certain individuals might not have the necessary funds required for more advanced hair loss treatments. This is where hair loss loans can come in handy and prove to be a timely and reliable source of financial help. Hair loss loans are essentially personal loans that are specifically tailored to finance the cost of one’s hair loss treatment.

    Apply for a loan with us or speak to our friendly consultants to find out more about our hair loss loans today!

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