• Getting the perfect smile does not come cheap, especially in Singapore.

    From wisdom tooth extraction, root canal treatment, dental implants, teeth whitening, tooth filling to fixing a tooth crown, the costs of dental care in Singapore is not for the faint-hearted. While you may pay for major dental works like a root canal operation using your insurance (if you had purchased beforehand), the remaining amounts are to be paid in cash.

    Remaining costs can add up to tens of thousands of dollars and it’s no surprise that most people frown upon the thought of dental bills, save for the lucky ones who are given dental coverage by their companies or are slightly more well-off. The others will have to dig deep into their pockets for the best dental care.

    But rather than spending a huge portion of your savings on your teeth and disrupting your finances, or scrimping on the best treatments for your teeth, you can consider getting a dental loan.


    Before we explain what dental loans are all about, below is a breakdown of reasons to why Singaporeans spend so much money on dental care. 

    1. You truly need to fix your teeth. Unavoidable cases where you must visit the dentist could be because of wisdom tooth removal or cavities. In some cases, customers will put on braces to fix their crooked and uneven teeth that may lead to multiple oral health problems.

    2. We all want to look better. People in nature, regardless of gender all want to look good. Be it girls who want to have a prettier face or guys who want to have a better smile. In today’s competitive world, looks are everything and be it in school or at the workplace, people who are good looking are said to receive better treatment. Hence, when it comes to improving our appearance, we may find ourselves greedily signing on treatment packages that are too expensive.

    3. To boost their self-esteem. People who are insecure or not confident about themselves tend to go all out for the perfect smile. They are afraid of being looked down on and are also afraid that a distorted smile could harm their career progressions.

    4. Peer pressure. Wanting to fit in with the crowd. Someone makes a dental appointment just because his or her colleague just made one. Or get braces because it is trendy.


    Quick summary of dental prices in Singapore: 

    Dental Implant Surgery: $1600-$2000 at public institutions and $2000-$4500 at private dentists

    Wisdom Tooth Removal: $600-$900 at public institutions and $535-$$2200 at private dentists

    Braces: $2500-$6000 at public institutions and $4000-$10,000 at private dentists

    Root Canal: $250-$1000 at public institutions and $300-$2500 at private dentists

    Crown: $600-$880 at public institutions and $500-$2500 at private dentists

    The high costs and fees probably bring headaches to one. If you are thinking of cooking your own meals or eating maggi mee or just eating plain cai peng to save money, pause. There are alternatives for you that can allow you to get a good set of healthy teeth and not affect your usually lifestyle as much.


    Benefits of getting a dental loan

    Loans, the word that many people fear because they come together with images of loan sharks and pig heads.

    Firstly, there are legal and certified financial institutions aside from banks that provide loans. They are reasonable and are able to dispense the money within a few hours should you have the required documents. Secondly, getting a dental loan can be considered as a good debt. Wait what? There are good debts? Surprisingly, yes there are good debts. Good debts are loans taken that will benefit you in the future and in this case, having a good set of teeth will lower future health issues and also possibly help you secure a better job or career advancement. It is a form of investment on yourself.

    1. Don’t worry about disrupting your finances. Perhaps you are employed with a stable job and a good income, but it is not very wise to spend a large part of your savings on your dental care. You might have emergencies that require money, or other loans such as car or housing loans that need to be paid off. Also, you have to be prepared for emergencies such as hospitalisation or retrenchment (choy!). Getting a loan will allow you to remain financially safe without having too much many bills to pay.

    2. You will be able to choose for the best treatment. Since you have decided to fix your teeth, make the best out of it. Some people choose services of lesser quality to lower their costs which is not advisable especially in the long run. For example, getting a tooth crown in Singapore. There are different types of crowns available, from porcelain to metal to porcelain fused to metal with porcelain being the most expensive and natural looking. To scrimp on costs, some customers will choose the cheapest option but receive a tooth crown that does not look good. They end up feeling unhappy about the process and may even have to return for more procedures and end up spending more money. If you choose to get a dental loan, you will be able to choose to best treatment for your teeth and make payment at rates that you are comfortable with.

    The regular patient makes two trips to the dentist annually for check-ups. Just two check-ups will cost you around a hundred bucks, and this is exclusive of any cavity fixing or special treatments that your teeth need. Such a hefty sum may be hard to pay off, and most Singaporeans are very willing to spend on their teeth. If one is unable to save up the said amount, the solution is to apply for a loan with SE Investment. By doing so, they will be able to finance the operations and get the best treatments for themselves. Speak with us today to find out more!

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