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  • Low Interest Rate Personal Loan

    Whatever your level of income, making a financial plan and sticking by it is always a headache. Enjoy the low interest rate personal loan Singapore deals to cover any arising gaps by SE Investment today.
  • Quick Cash Loan

    At times, emergencies crop up and you need a source of fast cash. When you are involved in such situations, a quick cash loan comes perfectly to handle your emergency financial expenses. SE Investment is the answer.
  • Foreigner Loan

    When you have a cash emergency and you are in a foreign land, you have very few options. In Singapore, one of the options that you have is borrowing from a moneylender. SE Investment is here to assist you.
  • Business Loan

    As a business owner, you may experience cash flow problems every now and then. When you are hit by those dry spells, you should consider taking a business loan from a moneylender. Call SE Investment today.
  • Payday Loan

    Payday loans are becoming ever more popular as the effects of the rising cost of living takes its toll on the citizens of Singapore. Need help to improve your credit? SE Investment is here to assist you.
  • Moneylenders โ€“ A Great Relief for Singaporeans

    If you are in an emergency and need money fast, you wonโ€™t have time to go through all the red tape that is characteristic of banks and other financial institutions. We CAN help.
  • Speak to our friendly loan consultants at no obligations.

    Have a live chat and make an appointment with us today, or simply fill up the application form.

Get Financed by One of the Best, Low Interest Licensed Money Lender in Singapore Today

Have you been searching for a no-hassle personal loan that doesnโ€™t come with highly inflated interest rates and complicated loan application procedures in Singapore? Do you need urgent financing of your wedding, business or even property/home renovation, but are not sure where to get these finances easily and fast? We can help.

SE Investment (License No. 160/2019) is a legally registered and licensed money lender in Singapore. We offer a number of custom and affordable financing solutions to our clients, making us one of the best, most reputable quick cash solution that is convenient for you around.

Oftentimes, a majority of Singapore residents are unable to access emergency funds when they are in tough financial difficulties. This may be due to a number of factors such as bad credit history, lender institutions' borrowing rules and the lengthy loan approval times. At SE Investment, we are very sensitive to your needs and ensure that you get the loan you need fast and conveniently.

SE Investment Fast Cash Personal Loan Singapore

Our Loan Services

We offer customized loan services that include payday loans, personal loans, foreigner loans, wedding loans, renovation loans, grab taxi driver loan, domestic helper loans and business loans. All these services are custom made to fit within your budget, while also helping you sort the pressing financial situation. You also get flexible monthly repayment schedules that are split into easy to afford installments.

All our operations are carried out in line with the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore regulations, and our interest rates and repayment plans are strictly in line with the stipulated standards within the Moneylenders Act.

These are some of the reasons that make us one of the most convenient, transparent and fair quick finance solutions around. Besides this, we have the best customer service team that quickly responds to your requests and calls. We also have a very easy to use online platform that gets you right at our doorstep to access those much needed emergency funds.

Why Choose SE Investment? Here Are Six Reasons Why.

Quick Cash Access
Unlike banking institutions where you have to wait for loan processing for days on end, at SE Investment, you simply provide proof of identity and follow a simple application process to get the finances you need, and in the shortest time possible.

Debt Consolidation
When looking to improve your credit score, we offer you a single loan that allows you to offset all your other multiple loans, remaining with only one loan to finance. This way, instead of having several loans at various lender institutions, you only deal with one where you make monthly installments. This makes it easier for you to manage your financial life while upping your credit score.

Credibility Maintenance
Most of the time, when we get some financial difficulties, we turn to family and friends for help. Doing this regularly strains our relationships with these beloved people. So, going with a loan from a third party lender like SE Investment allows you to keep your head high while maintaining great relationships with your family and friends.

Easy Eligibility
Our lending services are based on your current income and not your credit history. This means that regardless of how bad your credit history is, we will still be able to offer you a loan if you can prove that you are employed and have a current, steady income source.

Top Customer Service
Our customer service and support team is always on standby to answer any questions you may have. The team is also very courteous, and is very patient with you to ensure that you get the answers that you need.

No Penalty Cancellation
This is a winner; should you decide that you no longer need the loan that was approved for you, we allow you to reject it and will not charge any penalties for this. At the same time, we will still allow you to apply for loans from us in the future without prejudice.

Be advised that the loans you get from us can be used to pay off your medical bills, pay your tuition fees, cover your rental payments and even replace damaged equipment, among other things.

SE Investment Money Lender Singapore

What Drives Us? โ€“ SE Investment's Mission

In this life, situations arise that easily cripple us financially. When such situations come, we are pushed to a corner and left with little, if any options to work with. Most of us run to our family members for help. However, each of these people has their own obligations to meet and although they may be willing to help, they may not do enough. This leaves you with the stress to hop from one person to the other until you are able to raise enough money to meet your financial hurdles.

Avoid the hassle - Instead of going through all this hassle, you can turn to a trusted and licensed lending service in Singapore that has a good reputation of being transparent with their services. Such a service understands that you are pressed for finances and have limited options. They also understand that you need these finances urgently and may not have time to go through a very rigorous loan application process, vetting and waiting. They understand that to you, this is an emergency that needs a quick financial solution.

This is exactly what we at SE Investment are about. Whether the funds needed are to help fix your car, or to meet a medical bill or any other pressing need, you will find a perfect customized solution for this in our loan packages.

Efficient financial solutions - Our highly efficient solution is tailored to meet your urgent needs hassle free regardless of your past borrowing behavior. We do not exclude you even if you have a bad credit score because we understand that financial difficulties may lead you there.

Integrity - Our services are also offered with strict adherence to a set code of conduct and ethics to ensure that we get and keep our customers. We are transparent and do not have any hidden charges & fees. Our contracts are clear, with no confusing fine print and we explain everything to you until you understand before you sign them. This is what has catapulted us to the top of the lending space, earning us a much needed reputation.

Simply fill our application form that is simple, clear and to the point. Unlike banks where you fill many different forms at various steps of the loan application process, then wait for weeks before you get to know whether your loan was approved, with SE Investment, you complete a simple form and get a rapid response within no time.

The bottom line is that we care about you. We do not want to see you borrow a loan that you will struggle repaying. We therefore take you through some financial advice session so that you can see exactly what amount you can borrow and repay affordably & comfortably. We also explain the terms and conditions so that you can clearly understand the terms that govern your loan and its repayment. This way, you easily make an informed and wise decision on what to borrow, the repayment period that is best for you and the most affordable loan package for you.

Simply get in touch with us today at SE Investment and say goodbye to your financial worries. Call and talk to our financial experts and customer care representatives today.

5 Signs of a Reliable Licensed Singapore Money Lender

Legal Practices - Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore are under strict regulations set by the Ministry of Law. Those who are licensed are required to operate by specific codes and regulations. It is possible to lodge a complaint against a licensed moneylender and lose the licence easily, therefore it is not possible for a licensed moneylender to do anything against regulations as the risk is too high.

Licensed moneylenders use ethical methods to provide borrowers with the cash they need to meet their expenses. They will not harass you for payments nor will they take advantage of you by charging you exorbitant fees.

No harassing methods - Licensed moneylenders in Singapore do not use harassment methods. They are required to adhere to strict policies to ensure that they retain their licenses. These policies they are to follow are well laid out by the Ministry of Law. Reliable moneylenders will instead advise you on a suitable loan package for you and the most feasible repayment scheme. They will work out a repayment plan that you will be able to manage properly.

No advertisements - It is against the law in Singapore for a moneylender to advertise its services. It will otherwise lose its license. It is therefore important to avoid moneylenders that advertise their services through cold calls, emails, print adverts, newspapers or television advertisements.

Charge reasonable interest rates - Moneylenders make their income from the fees they charge for their services as well as the interest rates they charge on loans. Interest rates charged by licensed moneylenders are under the regulation of the Ministry of Law. Limits on the interest rates chargeable by licensed moneylenders are therefore set by the Singapore government. You can identify an unlicensed moneylender by studying its interest rates. Their interest rates will be extremely high and fall outside the limits.

Proper office for discussion - Licensed moneylenders will not request your personal details i.e. SingPass Login details over the phone. They will request you to come to the office for all verifications. A company asking for your details online can use the information to its own advantage, which is most probably an unlicensed one.

If you want to be absolutely sure that you are dealing with licensed moneylenders, check the list of moneylenders provided by the Ministry of Law. This list will provide you with names of moneylenders licensed to practice within Singapore.

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